Why portable projectors can be great replacement to BIG home theater?

Why portable projectors can be great replacement to BIG home theater?
Why portable projectors can be great replacement to BIG home theater?

Many of us don’t want to spend several dollars on a massive home theatre set up. So do me. That is why I have found an alternative for it i.e. MINI PROJECTOR or PORTABLE PROJECTOR.

The dream of home theatre can only come true with pocket projectors as I can take it anywhere and can adjust the screen size to any extend. They are smaller and affordable then we usually think a theatre projector could be. Decent battery life or at least enough to live last to a two-hour movie. It should come with a quality image and sound that we don’t need any external speakers. You can even able to play any content of phone or laptop without much hassle. This lets you project any media from any screen onto the wall for everyone to view. This not only eliminating the parameters of the small screen but also helps you to avoid the crowd.

Look for parameters when buying the best portable projector:


The screen is made up of dots, which means pixels. More pixels means better the quality will be. The most suited screen resolution is 1920 X 1080 i.e. HD 1080p. Don’t try to go lower than this or you can even take a projector with resolution equal to this. Business application resolution: 1920 X 1200, 16 X 10, those are usually good for your computer, churches and big board room.

Contrast ratio:

Measurement of black to whites, higher the contrast ration, deeper the black. And more the dark screen will give you an amazing picture quality.


These entire LED DLP personal projectors are lightweight and ultra-portable unlike the old projectors and also, what makes today’s projector different are lumens. This is used to measure the brightness, bigger the number of lumens, brighter the projector will be.

Why you should buy a mini and portable projector:

Projector offers HD images, wireless connectivity, and interactive capabilities and can even provide clear images in a room with lots of light. Some projector can even split the screen into quadrants and display multiple images at once. But what more, just check it out:

Save more many:

Buying a projector for conference or meeting spaces can be a big upfront expense, but investing in this can save you money in the long run.


Even there are many interactive short-throw projectors include annotation software that allows you to use a pen stylus or your finger (depends up to the technology projector supports) to write or draw content onto the projection screen.

Image size matters:

A small meeting room is a huddle for everyone to look properly in one screen.  Medium to large-sized groups of people needs to see, so you can increase the size of those images through the projector. Yes! You can customize screen size, easily.

Eye comfort:

We are more comfortable to view things on the big wall because larger letters are easier to read. So, it is easier to the eyes to view a larger screen than a small one.


Projectors are easy to carry and use. Without any hassle you can conveniently carry it, anywhere, anytime; be that big business meeting, airplane, lift or many more.

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