Which is more reliable: wired or wireless security system?

Which is more reliable: wired or wireless security system?
Which is more reliable: wired or wireless security system?

Whenever we decide to purchase a home security system, we always stuck between wired and wireless system. No doubt, Wireless system is easier to install and less susceptible to wiring issues. And assumptions are there that wireless systems are less reliable than a hardwired system. But in reality, this isn’t necessarily true. There always a fear in both cases. With wired home security setup, there is fear that burglar could cut the wires and disable the system and wireless has its own drawbacks.


Technology that relies on wireless network could be susceptible to malicious attacks. A tech-savvy burglar could potentially disable your home security system by hacking; I know this is hard to believe but this could possibly happen. Many wireless security companies are advancing their technology to avoid such threats by providing regular updates and by implementing new features like push notifications etc.

Limited battery life:

100% of the wireless systems aren’t plugged in the electrical lines as hardwired are; they mostly depend on battery for running. Suppose if the system’s battery dies when you are not at home, the system could shut down. Although, many systems notify you whenever the system’s battery is at the urge to die or running at low battery and needs replacement or charge. Now, this can be a point of concern in case of the wireless system whereas wired systems are always plugged in electric lines. 


No doubt, this is the biggest concern when we think about buying something and when it is technology we always thought to invest once for a lifetime on best system or technology. As per the research wireless system are more expensive than wired ones. And cost to repair wireless systems are more than wired systems like in every two to three years we need to replace their battery with a new one.


Generally, wireless systems are easy to install than a wired system. In order to install wired systems, we need a technician or electrician. No drilling is required in order to install wireless system that is why this can be installed easily without much hassle.

Power outage:

Wireless doesn’t need electricity to remained power, suppose if there is a power outage a wired home security system will turn off automatically. So, in your absence wireless works in the same way as it is working in your presence and there will be no concerned about power outage opening your home up to burglars.

24/7 monitoring:

The wireless systems are sync to a mobile device so you can monitor whenever you want to no matter where you are. The wireless system will send to the text alerts with updates on the security system’s status. In this way, you will know about the thing going on at your home in your absence. This will also take a backup- if by chance you have missed any update or alert then you can catch it later on.

Conclusion: No matter how many drawbacks wireless system does have but it always considered being best and more reliable than a wired system.

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