Waste management: 4 sensor bin to collect the trash

Waste management: 4 sensor bin to collect the trash
Waste management: 4 sensor bin to collect the trash

Modern technology has quickly moved towards the improvement of hygiene and sanitation, everywhere. With the trend of urbanization, now the dustbins have taken the shape of SENSOR WASTE BIN. These are compact bins that make your life and surroundings cleaner and easier. Smart dustbin eliminates your contact with dirt and harmful bacteria. Waste reduction is one of the essential requirements in the home, industries, office etc. So, it will be beneficial to use eco-friendly bins. Check the following links to own one sensor dustbins:

SDARISB Inductive Type Trash:


This is one of the best ways to store rubbish over metal and plastic bin which we normally use in homes. As to wash and clean that plastic trash can be unhygienic. Whereas automatic sensor bins reduce the risk of waste contamination and make your life healthier and flexible. It works on the fingerprint technology. It has a quiet motion with soft close and non-skid base.


1) Volume: 6L, 8L, 12L

2) It consists of a rotatable motion sensor

3) Motive power: 4* AA battery

4) Sensing distance: 15 cm

5) It has a removable ring liner and removable bucket liner

3L/4L universal Smart waste


This touchless automatic dustbin is allowing you to dispose of the waste without touching it.  The lid of the dustbin gets activated automatically when it will sense the motion. You just have to stand nearby it with debris in hand; it will sense it automatically and open the lid. High-tech new product with long service life, low power consumption and reliable performance.


1) Capacity: 3L/4L

2) Power by: 4 x AA Batteries (not included)

3) Stainless steel barrel body with ABS skull and pressure ring as that will greatly reduce the possibility of injury.

4) Material: Stainless Steel +ABS

3/4/6L Stainless Steel Touchless Trash


This smart automatic piece will sense its requirement by using the sensors. It will collect the garbage automatically and make you surrounding hygienic and healthy. This comes in three weights: 3L for 0.5kg, 4L for 1.05kg and 6L for 1.15kg.


1) It is automatic motion sensor trash waste bin of 3L, 4L, and 6L

2) It is ideal for keeping your kitchen looking good

3) Using only 4 x AA batteries that can last for 180 days

4) Material: Stainless Steel & ABS&PP

7L Stainless Steel Touchless Automatic IR Sensor Dustbin


It is a 7L stainless steel touchless automatic IR sensor dustbin for the home kitchen and office which sensor the trash and open when needs to be. It is a fancy garbage can to make your surrounding eco-friendly and healthy.


1) Size: 7L- 20x15x35.5/ 7.9x5.9x14

2) Materials: stainless steel + ABS

3) Power source: 4 x AA batteries (not included)


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