Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Owning A Wireless Camera!

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Owning A Wireless Camera!
Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Owning A Wireless Camera!

Nowadays, technology is advanced and so do criminals in society. Criminals keep on committing the crimes as they know that they will never get caught. Why? Because all of us have installed the CCTV cameras to which they can bluff easily. Right? So now it’s the time to bluff with the criminals and use these advanced technologies perfectly!

Benefits of hidden surveillance wireless camera:-

1) Capture the crime without being seen:  This hidden wireless camera is difficult to spot and the savvy criminal can’t cut its cables as it is a wireless connection. It is for sure better than CCTV camera as CCTV camera deter people to commit a crime but the wireless camera is used to catch people in the act.

2) Connects you inside-out: These hidden cameras are just like windows from where you can have a check on all the activities. You look at the outside things, being inside of your home. This provides you with an insight that helps you to protect your home in a better way.

3) Warn you: This always keeps you up to date about inside and outside activities. Whether a sudden noise or someone at the door, nothing can escape from its eye. So, if something will go wrong this will notify you immediately.

What features you should look at, before buying a wireless camera:-

1) HD video: There is no point of installing a camera with poor resolution as things will only be noticed when captured clearly. So, first & foremost feature you need look at is a resolution. The camera should at least have 1080P HD resolution for crystal clear image.

2) Night Vision: According to the research most of the crime occurs during the day when everyone is at their respective work. BUT we can’t deny this fact that most to the vehicles thefts at night. So in order to protect them, we need to install a hidden wireless camera which has night infrared LED vision so, that it will work 24*7 for you.

3) IP camera: Try to buy IP camera connected via Wi-Fi as that makes it easy to hide.  And Wi-Fi hidden camera transfer or store all the image and video clips to the cloud via your internet connection. Or with an outdoor IP, you can access the live video via a smartphone app.

4) Motion-triggered recording and notification: The camera that can sense motion and record all the outdoor activities, allows you to review the footage at your convenience, whenever you need it. Even better, whenever they sense any motion it triggered notification via a smartphone app. This notification will allow you to have a look at the live video and decide what to do.

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