Why you should buy a Functional Pen Camera to Spy

Why you should buy a Functional Pen Camera to Spy?
Why you should buy a Functional Pen Camera to Spy?

When spying over someone we need a remote mini camera. Everyone expects a spy camera to be undetectable, totally reliable, and capable of delivering great video and audio quality. For recording in business meeting, a functional pen camera is the best way to record everything without even being noticed.

What a spy pen is?

A spy pen is similar to a normal pen and it is difficult to find the difference. No one can notice that you are spying with a pen camera. It is capable of taking pictures and record audios. It is easy to carry and mostly people keep it in their pocket of shirt.

In case, if anyone asks you for the pen then no need to worry it can be used as an ordinary pen too. The inner components of a spy pen are tiny versions of an electronic gadget. A tiny viewing lens and microphone is placed near the top of the pen case.

How to Use a Spy Pen?

A spy pen camera is very simple and easy to use. Whatever product you buy, comes with user manual and complete instructions. You will find a button which you have to press to start the recording or click the picture.

Charging time: Buy a camera with built-in rechargeable high volume Lithium-ion battery. Such batteries are considered to be last longer than others. An average pen camera usually lasts for 100 minutes and that is enough time. For longer use you can turn it off when not in use. But, take care you do not press on and off button in front of others so that no one can come to know.

Additional Memory: Usually pen cameras have a limited memory for pictures and video recording. But, with the new technique some of the companies are making the cameras that have an option of memory card slot of up to 32 GB. It is an additional feature of pen cameras that comes in very less brands.

Benefits of small pen camera:

  1. To add an extra layer of security no need to invest too much in a device. Buy a remote mini camera that monitors your home and belongings when you're away.
  2. Unlike a home security system, a functional pen camera is relatively inexpensive and gives you peace of mind.
  3. Such small cameras can be placed anywhere and are hidden for the purpose of spy.
  4. Motion activated pen cameras, to check on the employees goofing off or being in places they shouldn't be.
  5. Small size and noiseless operation make it easy to conceal in common places.
  6. Color video and high-end voice sensitivity for clear images and voice.
  7. Tiny size and discreet look for better recording opportunities.

Want to Purchase a Pen Camera?

While looking for a spy pen go with the one that is able to take HD pictures as well as record HD audio and video.

What anyone can expect in a remote mini camera is its simplicity, battery durability, video and audio quality. Some of the products you can buy are:

1. YYS SPY T189 Mini Pen Camera : Pen Camera at 1080P provides full HD Portable recording option. It is a DVR Small Digital Video Audio Recorder.


  • It records Video at 1280x720P/1920x1080P
  • It can work 3-5 Hours for video Record
  • Take Photos with 4032x3024
  • It has Cam Lens with 8MP
  • Build in Mic, video record with Audio

2. SPIED CAT T189 Mini Wearable Pen Camera :This pen camera provides full HD 1080P recording option.


  • High quality, high-definition images FULL HD1080P DV DC
  • With Compact design and portable handheld DV DC
  • USB 2.0 interface of high speed transmission
  • Support TV OUT TV monitor video connection
  • It hasBuilt-in Microphone 

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