Safety measures: Where can you hide the camera in your home?

Safety measures: Where can you hide the camera in your home?
Safety measures: Where can you hide the camera in your home?

Warning: you are under CCTV surveillance! We all are well aware of this and so do BURGLAR. Whenever burglars get into any place for stealing, they always look for CCTV camera, so that they can bluff it with something and can do their work easily. So, my friends! If they are smart then we need to act more smartly then them! How? By hiding the camera! Sounds interesting!

  • But is it legal to put hidden camera:

Yes! According to facts, it is legal to install a hidden camera in some states. But it is unwise to put the camera on private places like bathroom & bedroom and recording their audio. Now, since it is legal to install cameras so check the area where you can hide those cameras and can secure your surroundings!

1) Put the camera between the toys:


As toys are not so much expensive so no one wants to steal them, so do burglars think. Hence, if you can smartly place the camera in the bunch of toys, where thieves can’t even accept and cover them properly in the shape of the toy then you can completely save your home.

2) Hide the security camera near the tree:


You can opt for mini cameras which you can install on the branches; one of such is YYS Spy wireless camcorder. This you can use to inspect your home. And you can even paint them or cover them in the color of a tree or a branch. With these burglars could highly spot the camera at first sight.

  • Features:
  1. Wide Angle: 170 degree
  2. Features: 180 degrees rotated the lens
  3. Function: Infrared Night Vision/Motion Sensor Detection
  4. Resolution: 720P/1080P Video Recorder
  5. Whenever it will detect motion it will send you the notification immediately

3) Hide the camera behind glass window:


This can also be an important area to install the hidden camera wireless camcorder. Till the time burglars will find it, this would have sent you the notification already on your phone. So you can reach home soon and secure your house.

  • Features:
  1. Resolution rate: 640x480
  2. 24 hours continuous recording with TF card Recycle Record
  3. Working time: about 60 minutes


4) Place the camera between the curtains:


Installing Wi-Fi mini camera between the curtains is a good idea as it can’t be found easily by the intruders. And you can have continues check on every activity of the home through the phone.

  • Features:
  1. Visual angle: 90 degree
  2. Battery capacity: 2000M
  3. Video duration: 2.5 hours
  4. Maximum capacity of memory card: 128 GB
  5. Memory card type: TF card

5) Place the camera in bookshelves:

Between the books, just in their shape. Bookshelves can also be proved as the best place to hide the camera and have an eye on thieves.

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