Product Manual: Instruction Guide Of Hidden Spy Camera!

Product Manual: Instruction Guide Of Hidden Spy Camera!
Product Manual: Instruction Guide Of Hidden Spy Camera!

No matter what we want to protect either home or business when we think about the security that is why we always go for the surveillance system. And in order to avail the best we always choose the regular CCTV system. Installing a CCTV camera will give a clear indication to the thief that there is something worth for stealing. And potential thief may try to disable the system. Now what? HIDDEN SPY CAMERA! How’s this solution. For sure thieves won’t able to disable it if they don’t know where the system is placed right? So, directly this is the best way to secure your surroundings. For this, check all the things which you need to consider for CCTV camera:

1) Good spot for installing a camera:

It is very important for a camera to have a good line of sight. Make sure there should not be any visual obstruction. So, keep in mind for what purpose you are using or installing the camera in your home. For example, if you are worried that whether your child is safe with nanny or not then you can install the camera but make sure the camera points towards their crib OR if you are using the spy camera for break-ins then point it towards the door.

2) Put it away from speaker and TV:

Another useful tip: nowadays some camera does RECORD SOUNDS as well but it will be of no use if you place those cameras next to the speaker or TV set. As instead of recording the exact sound they would record the sound of the TV or speakers. So, if you actually want to record the sound you should place it on the opposite side of the room so that it will record as per your requirement.

3) Keep power supply in mind:

Some cameras are wireless and some are wired; some have an in-built battery and some work on the direct power supply. So, if you will go for wireless camera then you have to be particular about its battery, whereas if you will go for wired one, then make sure its wired connection should be near to a router or a computer and you have to cover all the running long cables so that thieves won’t detect the CCTV camera or spy cam.

4) Should not be visible:

No doubt, there are some layouts or patterns which attract attention and those are easy to spot, naturally. If you think that target is likely to be here then don’t put the camera there as it will be easily get spotted.

5) Ask someone to find:

If you are not sure whether you have done your job precisely or not, then you can ask your friend and family member to come and find the hidden spy cam. If they can’t find it, this directly means that you have done your job but if they find it easily then you have to pick a better spot 

6) Maintain it!

Your job will not be done once you install the camera, but even the hidden camera requires bit maintenance too. Suppose if it is a battery powered camera then you have to regularly check the battery level. So you have to either change the battery or recharge it when required. Only you could keep the track of how long the battery completely gets empty. And sometimes it might break at some point. So be ensure that you check that regularly too, to see if it’s working properly as it should suppose to do.

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