Learn how to select a Right Home Surveillance System

Learn how to select a Right Home Surveillance System
Learn how to select a Right Home Surveillance System

Factors to focus on: Priority is to ensure that, is there any need to check live video update throughout the day or do multiple people want to view this feed? Whether it matches the coverage requirements with camera count and where we want to mount them, indoor or outdoor or both? And more. So you have to make a list of your requirement so that list will allow you to buy a perfect camera for your home, office, garage, backyard, etc.

Another step is to choose which will go best with your requirements. Stay tuned to learn, how you can check whether a camera is suitable for you or not?

Battery powered camera:

This is a great solution for those who do not want to install multi-cameras;

  • This camera is easy to install and can be relocated easily.
  • Suppose you have placed it in your home and now you want to install it in your office; since this does not require mounting screws to a base, therefore you can mount it anywhere without much hassle.
  • There is no need to connect it with 24/7 because they have an in-built battery so if there will be any power cut then also it will work, unlike wired cameras.

Lighting condition:

It is important to test which model works best in the lighting. Every area (be it inside or outside) experience a different amount of sunlight throughout the day or should I say throughout the season. There is a variety of technologies which ensures that you will capture usable footage in a range of lighting conditions. These technologies comprise of IR filters and artificial illuminators which amplify or reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor and create a clearer image both during day and night.

Audio function:

In-built audio into surveillance system makes it possible to hear and speak easily and inspect the culprit. From a surveillance point of view, when audio passes a certain threshold, this will trigger an alarm and an alert on your phone; which will help you to catch the culprit soon.

Coverage area:

    This is also an important factor to consider while buying a perfect camera. How large an area you want to cover will decide the best surveillance camera? The ability to zoom on every particular activity and ability to view a larger area will help you to choose the best one. This will directly cut down the requirement to install a lot of cameras as one will be enough to view things at widest angle and give impressive image quality.

    How much image clarity do you want?

      This totally depends upon your requirement of the area you want the camera to cover. For example, if you want to cover a wider area then the camera should be of high resolution so that the quality of the image won’t be compromised while zooming.

      Bullet camera:

        If by chance you are less with space then you can install a cylindrical camera which somewhat looks like a tube of lipstick. Most of them are very small that it is hard to notice them with the naked eye but these cameras are too smart to catch every little detail. They do their work without being noticed.

        Dome camera:

          “Eye in the sky” these are the ceiling-mounted type of security camera which remained fixed at one place and others can control it remotely, tilt and zoom in for a closer and clear view.

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