Is your child safe with babysitter? Check it out with our expert trick

Is your child safe with babysitter? Check it out with our expert tricks!
Is your child safe with babysitter? Check it out with our expert tricks!

Leaving someone alone with your baby is a huge leap of faith.It is really nerve-wracking to put the life of your children in someone else hands.This leads to the major concern; are they taking care of your baby the way you want them to do? Are they having friends over? Is your child safe with them? And many more.It is difficult to trust people sometimes, in spite of doing many background checks.  What to do then? Spy on them.Yes! Best way to protect both your home and child. Check the following ways to protect your child:

Warning sign you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Change in your child’s behavior
  • Your GUT feeling
  • Things go missing (jewelry, money, antiques etc)
  • You suspect your babysitter is not being honest
  • Frequent accidents and sign/marks of physical torture

Safety measures to protect your baby:

Nanny cam/ security system: When it comes to kids, we can’t take any risk whether it’s being their safety, happiness or upbringing. And when we have someone else at home for their care taking, then we have to be extra alert. So, the first thing which comes to our mind is the CAMERA. Hidden cameras are the safest gadget to spy for. But where you hide it? Plant it in alarm, lamp, television, clocks, and clothes hook. OR In the room where you’re your sitter may go including living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. Don‘t put a cam in teddy bear because nanny can check it frequently. So, put the cam in the gadgets which can’t be moved frequently. Some cams have built-in hard drives, external micro SD card while others equipped with Wi-Fi remote viewing.

GPS tracking device: This device should always be with your nanny. Guide her about the advantages of the device so that she won’t deny using this device. As it can be used in her safety along with your child’s safety. And also, it is to be used to see if your nanny is going to the exact place where he/she says about.

Stopping in: Keep checking the babysitter in between; whether she is doing the right job or not, is your child happy with her, is your child safe with her, etc. These stopping will make her alert and won’t let her do the wrong things with your child.

Audio recorders: This is illegal in many countries and can’t be shown as proof in the court. But if you have any doubt on the nanny then you can use it after checking the policy of the city. This will help you to hear the interaction between nanny and baby. These can be installed in most household devices, such as air fresheners, stuffed animals, USB flash drives and pens.

Surprise visit: You can come early then the usual time: if your babysitter knows that you arrive home at 6:00 pm then leave work for one day and come early to check what is she up to, is she near your child, and is your child distress. If you can’t leave your work then call any trustworthy friend or neighbor to do so.

Baby monitor: You can use a baby monitor and install a micro digital video recorder near it.  Nanny will surely not pay attention to the monitor, unaware about the fact that it has a video recorder nearby.

Talk to your neighbors: Tell your neighbors about; whom you have hired as a babysitter. As sometimes they also keep an eye or suspect something unusual which can help you to protect your child.

Safety tips for abduction:

Keep them in sight: Always keep them within your ranges. Whenever you go out with your child, then keep them as far as you can monitor them easily. Like you should know whom they are meeting with, whom they are playing with? Everything.

Keep latest pictures: Keep recent photos of your small child handy. So that if you will lose your child then you can show those pics to the police. This will help them to find your child soon.

Check their clothes: Remember what your child is wearing today. As kidnappers try to quickly change their looks just after the kidnapping. So, try to take photos when you are out with your child.

How to secure your home from intruders:

Detective bulbs with the camera:  This fisheye bulb will record everything. These types of bulbs have 360-degree panoramic view, which won’t let any crime to happen and no one will ever get to know that this has a camera inside it.

Alarm with a camera: Hidden cameras are difficult to spot and nothing can be better than the camera in alarm. No one can ever think about that. So this will continuously examine your home and notified you when something wrong will happens

CCTV cameras:  Nothing can escape from the keen eyes of CCTV camera. Each and every bad or good action will be recorded in this. One of the best ways to protect your house.

How to secure your home from intruders from outside:

Video recording doorbell:  A doorbell, video camera and two-way communication when everything combined together then this can be used to protect your child. Especially when you are not at home and your child is alone with the nanny. So, who so ever will try to enter in your home you can check their videos on your phone and can take any immediate action if there is a need to take an action.

Porchlight: This can easily detect if someone approaches your house in the wrong way to a certain distance. And let you know if anything goes wrong. This considered being the best at night as that is the most known time for a burglar to come in home.

Things you should take care of:

  • Try to avoid private areas to install cameras like the bathroom, washrooms etc.
  • When your nanny will ask about the cam then tell her the truth, as that will let you have a trustable relation with her. Some nanny doesn’t have a problem being recorded but some have. There should be a level of respect and appreciation for their work too.

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