Is it legal to spy on employees at work?

Is it legal to spy on employees at work?
Is it legal to spy on employees at work?

The continuous advancement in technologies has made it easy to monitor and measure the employee’s activities at the workplace. This happening due to the fundamental change which is; how employees are working at the business organization? Even after hiring the best talent why the growth of the organization is being deteriorated. That is why today, employers can perform unblinking eye track on the employees with the use of contemporary techs and tool.

Now the question arises, is it legal to spy on the employee?

Yes, it is legal till the time it won’t go against the privacy law at the workplace. So, if you have made your mind to put your employee under surveillance, then you need to make sure that you won’t go against privacy laws.

However, today’s cell phone and PC’s software allows the user to spy on employees company’s owned gadgets to the fullest. Although, the use of tracking employees activities within the working hours become legal under some circumstances. So, employers feel free to track employee’s activities in order to measure their productivity and protect one’s business. But make sure you will not cross the boundaries where you breach someone’s personal life activities or monitoring your employees outside the working hours.

How to monitor your employees:

  • All you need to do is use the cell phone and computer monitoring apps. It will give you the authorities to track all the activities happen on the targeted devices owned by the company.
  • Mic and camera bugging: You can record and listen to the surrounds of an employee. Their images and sounds will let the boss understand where his employee was when he filed an application for leave.
  • You can even perform live screen recording and block all the times wasting websites which an employee can use like facebook, youtube etc during working hours.
  • Moreover, companies are well aware that if employees will use social platform on phone they might give their 70% to the company whereas they supposed to give 100%. So employers generally ask the employees to put their phone out of the working place and ask them not to use Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp on working PC.
  • Keep an eye on their break time: this is your prime duty to keep a record of employees break time to ensure that they will complete their exact number of hours for which they are hired.
  • There are different apps available in the market to spy on the companies owned cell phones and gadgets. One of the basic such kind of app is android spy app.
  • You can track their email sent/received and remotely block the internet in case they are listening to personal incoming calls. Further, you can track iOS devices without jailbreak using the jailbreak solution for iOS devices.

Does spying on employees will prevent the company’s reputation?

Yes! A company’s reputation and growth both are proportional to employee’s productivity. So, spy on employees or tracking their company-owned device, there is nothing wrong to do it. After all, the owner has invested so much on the business so he has the full right to investigate but without breaching the law. And this will surely help the owner to dismiss the unwanted staff and to protect their lifetime investments.

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