How to protect your child on their solo trip!

How to protect your child on their solo trip!
How to protect your child on their solo trip!

Sometimes, it is really important to explore the world with one’s own point of view, to understand what world means to one? Same goes with kids! Travelling or exploring the world, teaches us many things. And when it comes to a child, travelling alone will enhance their problem-solving skills, responsibility and maturity. BUT being a parent, we are always afraid to let them go solo on any trip as we are very much concerned about our kid’s safety.

So keeping that in mind we have come up with some important gadgets and tip, which will help you to protect your child when you are not with them:

1) Insert pocket finder in luggage:

For safety sake of your child, keep pocket finder inside their luggage. Pocket finder is a GPS device, which will track your child be where ever he is. And their luggage should have a tag which includes their name, your name, phone number and address details.

  • Pocket finder:

Pros:  a device with a battery life of 30 hours & above

Cons: limited range up to 75 feet without any barrier

2) Make them wear the GPS wristwatch:


your child will be less tensed while travelling alone if he would know that someone is tracking him continuously. And that you can do with the GPS wristwatch, with which you can track your child easily.

  • GPS child smartwatch:

Pros: waterproof device

Cons: tracking time is 26 sec

3) Charge the electronic devices: Make sure before leaving the home, every electronic device should be charged properly. If they are not aware of how to operate the phone, then educate them properly with its functions, before the days from the trip. Charging cables and power bank should be there in a child’s bag.

4) Educate your child about the scenarios:  Organize some of the scenarios in front of them and make them play along with you. This will increase their confidence and give them enough strength to deal with all problems in real life.

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