How to Identify a Smoke Detector Spycam in the Room

How to Identify a Smoke Detector Spycam in the Room
How to Identify a Smoke Detector Spycam in the Room

Nowadays hidden cameras can be found anywhere in the building for the security purpose. It has become a basic home need for the safety of buildings and houses. But, the use of these items can even interrupt your privacy too. So, how you can be safe if you are in the hotel room or any other place out of your home?

One must be aware of the technological world these days as there are very few buildings where you can’t see a security camera. Learn some ways to detect the hidden camera so that you can easily come to know if someone is spying on you.

Although hidden cameras come in a variety of forms; it can be a charger, light bulb, or a sunglass you can even identify either the object has a hidden camera or not?

Here we are with some of the ways that will help you in identifying the smoke detector spycam. So, if you have doubt then follow these steps to safeguard your privacy:

Check the Wire:

Smoke detectors are operated by batteries or wi-fi. If you find any power source or the wire to the smoke detector then it is a direct sign that it’s a smoke detector spycam. Some of the people used to hide the wires so be careful while noticing.

Observe the Lens:

A smoke detector if hides a recording camera then there will be a recording camera with a clear lens in it. It will be very small and visually detectable. So, look for a small lens at the detector from where a clear vision of the room can be made.

Use Flashlight:

Flashlight is the best and easy way to detect hidden cameras. Turn on the flashlight and off the lights in the room. When the room is totally dark then rotate the flashlight around the smoke detector. If you find any reflective light then there might be the hidden camera in the detector.

Smoke detectors can secretly record the actions and movement of people without being noticed. Various smoke detector spycam available in the market are:

AES Secure Guard Smoke Detector WiFi Spy Camera:

It is a wireless spy camera, with a 720p HD video camera for recording.

  • 1280 * 720 HD camera
  • 16GB micro SD card
  • 36 hour rechargeable battery

PalmVID DVR LITE Smoke Detector Spy Camera:

It is a smoke detector with a built-in digital video recorder.

  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Motion detection mode
  • 12 hours of recording time

TOTUOKEY Wi-Fi Camera Smoke Detector:

It is a secret surveillance device for video recording.

  • 1080P wide angle
  • Compatible with pc and tablet
  • Motion detection alarm

Heymoko Night Vision Smoke Detector Camera:

This smoke detection camera can be controlled through the app accessible anywhere with the smartphone. 

  • 110 degree wider angle
  • Smart motion detection technology
  • 1920 * 1080 HD lens

Spysonic Covert Smoke Detector Camera:

It is a hidden camera in the smoke detector comes with the day and night vision feature.

  • Up to 32GB of memory space
  • 264 DVR compression
  • Battery that lasts for 20 hours

Hidden cameras have made many people leave the home without much worry of being robbed. Now anyone can safeguard their building and property with the hidden devices in very less spent amount.

If you want to secure your home then the small hidden cameras are best for you while you must be smart enough to identify the cameras in new places to protect your privacy.

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