Get To Know: Spy Cameras Compatible With Alexa And Google Assistance

Get To Know: Spy Cameras Compatible With Alexa And Google Assistance
Get To Know: Spy Cameras Compatible With Alexa And Google Assistance

What are Alexa and google assistant?

Both Google and Alexa are voice-activated speakers that are equipped with advanced virtual assistant systems. With these smart speakers in your house, you can connect all smart devices together and manage them with your voice.

Both digital voice assistance are designed to execute, any of your voice commands. What you need to know before using this absolute amazing tech product is if the end device is integrated to understand the voice assistance. Alexa and google assistance are the virtual assistants embedded in these two speakers and also in the other smart home devices like lights, security cameras and TVs.

For example: if you command about “engage night mode”. This could lock all the doors, turn off the light and turn on the security camera.


1) Convenience:

Generally, most of the spy cameras are controlled either by a physical device or using a related app or your phone. So, if more and more device becomes integrated with voice assistance this means that the voice command could be in any room that has a device.

2) Automated home:

When only on your one voice command you can control any device in your home. That is when home is known as automatic home. The power of voice assistants is when they are able to control multiple devices using simple commands.

3) Future-proof smart device:

Accounting to the prediction in 10 years, all devices in our homes will be integrated with these voice assistance devices. So, if you buy a spy camera with Alexa and Google assistant, then this will ensure that the camera will be useful for years to come. And if by chance you want to resale the device in the future then you can make good money with it. More and more devices are being built with the capability to be controlled by voice assistants.

4) Best for people with mobility issues:

People with mobility issues whether it’s disabled or old will get the best benefits from this. One of the foremost advantages of voice assistance is it removes the need the used phone or fiddly controls on the device. There are multiple advantages to people with mobility issues such as being able to operate devices in their home without having to move or being able to call for help should they fall.

How to connect a security camera to Alexa and google home?

It is not rocket science! Only you have to follow some basic steps. Check them below:

  • Install the smart speakers and the IP cameras that work with Alexa or Google Assistant inside your houses or workplaces.
  • Download the smart assistant App and sign in.
  • Add the security cameras that work with Alexa and Google Home/Assistant to your account.
  • Test if you can control security cameras with Google Home or Alexa through voice commands, such as, “Alexa, show me the videos of the living room” or “OK Google, disable the siren of the security camera near the door”.

That’s all you need to know. After all this, you can control all the devices with your voice.

What do you look for while buying a spy camera Alexa and google assistance?

1) Account Subscription fees

Nowadays the owner is very smart as some vendors are to add account subscription fees to the product. The vendor knows that new technology must inevitably be an increase in problems and support calls. In order to cover this, some have added an account subscription fee. Well! I didn’t find is this a viable reason to not to their cameras.

2) Security

As voice commands and integration on multiple devices directly means more data traffic. And this traffic is communicated via the internet and suspectable to hacking. Therefore security matters a lot with these devices. Ensure the camera has Reliable Encryption Methods. The much-recommended Encryption protocols are SSL encryption, WPA2-AES encryption, and TLS-enabled

3) Value for money:

I know that integrated spy cameras are too much expensive. But play smart! Check out the cameras which don’t have the integrated voice assistance and compare the functionality. Yes! They are very similar. Now, buy an integrated chip from Amazon or so, which is not so expensive and install in the simple spy camera.

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