Get to know: Areas to install a security cam where no one can figure i

Get to know: Areas to install a security cam where no one can figure it out!
Get to know: Areas to install a security cam where no one can figure it out!

Being on vacations we all are generally concerned about home; is home safe and secure? What if intruder will get in? And more. The permanent solution to having a stress-free vacation is installing a security camera. But nowadays intruders are smarter than anyone else, so you have to be very smart. Just like it is important to learn, how to buy best camera in the same way it is important to know where to place the security camera. Check out the detailed guidance of installing a security cam where no one can figure it out:

Places to install security cameras:


Front door: 

    We generally assumed that intruders sneak into side entrances but according to the research, 34% of burglars use the front doors to get into the home. A camera at the main entrance keeps an eye on everyone whosoever comes in and out of your home. From babysitter to delivery boy to family member, almost on everyone.

    Alert tip: video doorbells are an ultimate investment for the front door. These doorbells can be used as a primary camera or in conjunction with another outdoor camera which will be aimed at your home or garage.

    Back & side doors:

      This will keep full knowledge of everyone who enters and exits; this will add cameras to your secondary doors, especially when one used them as often or more often than your front door. Doors that are out-of-sight which may allow visitors to enter undetected, whether they are invited or not, even there also it will work in your favor.


          This is handy for capturing the activities of kids, animals and trespassers. And helpful for monitoring the yard where you can keep tabs on anyone scoping out your house from the outside.

          Garage & driveway:

          A camera installed in your garage or driveway keeps a watchful eye on bikes, tools, grills, cars and everyone that handles them. It doesn’t matter where your garage is. If your garage is detached, the camera helps you to stay connected. If the garage is attached, then this will prove as an extra layer of security which monitors even more keenly. And even best if there is a camera at the gate of your driveway, then you can easily spot anyone attempting to get in.


          Common area:

            Installing a camera in gathering points like the kitchen or living room is a great idea to do so. As you will get all the updates like if your kids are doing what they supposed to do if the babysitter is attentive, check on household help like cleaner and repairmen, etc. You can even use them at large ground floor windows which anyone can use as break-in point.

            Main stairway or hallway:

            What if someone will breaks in through a bathroom, bedroom or any unmonitored area, then you can capture them with main stairway camera whenever they are moving out. Install a camera in the main thoroughfares inside your home and it will be difficult for someone to move about undetected.

            Places where you should not install a security camera:

              Bedrooms and bathroom: one should not install the camera on private places which have a warranted expectation of privacy. But yes! Many alternates are there as a baby monitor for your very young kid’s rooms. Motion detectors and glass break sensors, as a part of a connected smart home or home security system, which can be added to doors and windows. The personal medical alert system is also a strong choice for seniors.

              Camera’s placement for function and visibility:


                Protect your camera:

                Major protection to do when the camera is being installed outside is weather protection. Always choose a camera which is appropriately rated for your climate and place it under roof/shed or in another semi-protected area if you can.

                Don’t point the camera directly at the sun:

                Always try to install your camera at some different angle from the sun which means indirect to light as direct light will high contrast the footage which makes it hard to tell what’s going on.

                Install camera at about 8-10 feet from the ground:

                 Low height should be enough to capture the fine details but high enough to be out of easy research. So it is advisable to put a camera at a certain height.



                No doubt ultimately the best place to place a camera in the corner of a room. This will usually give you the largest possible vantage point.

                Avoid facing direct light:

                The camera should be placed at an angle for indirect light as the direct light will wash out your footage.

                Windows can cause reflection issues:

                Many cameras have infrared light technology, which aids in motion detection and enables the camera to function low light.  IR light can reflect off of windows and other glass object and obscure your footage, especially in dark.

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