Follow these steps to keep your garage safe from thieves

Follow these steps to keep your garage safe from thieves
Follow these steps to keep your garage safe from thieves

We always worried about our security, be that home, office or while walking on the street. We try to keep our windows, doors locked and we always try to be attentive. But we generally overlooked the greatest gateway of thieves i.e. garage. Yes! We should take care of that too. Like what if the garage is attached to your home or if you keep something valuable in it, then that can be an important place for thieves to enter. So to keep it safe, follow the following steps!


Install an alarm:

The foremost thing which can keep your garage safe is alarm. Alarm will emit a loud sound, whenever someone will try to unlock the door in a different way, like without the key or any other illegal way. And you will get the notification on the phone either by message or email.

Install motion sensing lights:

Always keep your garage well-lit, which will preclude it from thieves. And you can put motion sensing lights which will alert you if any unwanted motion will occur, either by message or email on the phone.

Choose the right material:

It is very easy to break the glass doors. So you should install the metal or solid wooden garage door or any strong material which is difficult for thieves to break.

Keep the windows frosted:

Plain or clear glass can give a lot much inner information and hence they will try to break in. If you will use frosted spray paint that the thieves will not get the great visual as the spray will increase the privacy or you can even install shades to prevent anyone from peeking inside.

Use a devil door:

If the garage has only a side door, then thieves can kick it in easily. That is why door devil comes handy. These doorsteps screw into the ground and prevent the garage door from being a break. You can either use door devil or any other similar product to increase the security.

Keep your garage’s door opener in the house:

We all have a habit of keeping the door opener the car, by doing this makes it easy for the burglars to snatch it. So, from now, make a habit of bringing the garage door opener to the house. Attach a remote to your keychain which will help you to remember.

Try to keep the radio on:

The theory behind turning on the radio in the garage is that noise indicates the human presence and that’s something burglars want to avoid. So it is highly advisable to keep the radio on.

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