Do you know: How to prevent your business from shoplifters?

Do you know: How to prevent your business from shoplifters?
Do you know: How to prevent your business from shoplifters?

Shoplifting is an issue that almost every business needs to deal with. And we need to stop it. Why? Because nearly shoplifting account for 38% for retail inventory loss and about $32 billion a year; no doubt this is a huge figure if you are running a small business. That is why; in this post, we will share the most effective methods to stop uplifting:

1) Hire attentive employees:

This is the foremost factor which can stop shoplifting very easily. As we generally see employees who are staring at phones or computers aren’t aware of their surroundings. The best you can do is make a policy that your employees will greet every customer whosoever will walk through the door. And when they make eye contact with a potential shoplifter they will automatically make all the difference. Else, ask your employees to be extra attentive if you see a potential shoplifter.

2) Organize everything:

A messy place, where it is hard to find the clue. A cluttered, unorganized is a lot more easy to shoplift from than to a clean place. So, we would suggest you organize your business properly so that if a thief walks in and see the clean & organized things than he must have thought in mind that staff is quite attentive who can easily spot him while shoplifting.

NOTE: keep adequate light in your store or dark areas as dark corners are the invitation for shoplifters.

3) Tiny spy cam for safety:

This is the necessary spy gadget which should be placed in retail shops for safety. These are wirelessly connected to the store’s Wi-Fi which enables the video feed live from anywhere. The free video is also recorded for easy playback later on. Whenever you spot frequent shoplifting is occurring, a tiny spy camera is a great way to prove this. The normal naked eye won’t able to spot these hidden spy cameras but these cameras can easily catch their act, which will help hand over the criminal to police.

4) Identify common shoplifting methods and traits:

There is no specific identification for shoplifters as they can be anyone but there are few common behaviors with which you can recognize the shoplifters. Like

Shoplifters often work in pairs or larger groups so that there can be at least one person who can distract the sales staff when the other proceeds to steal.

Check the most common places where items can often conceal:

  • Clothing
  • Handbags
  • Strollers
  • Umbrellas
  • Purchased Merchandise

Sometimes, you even come across the shoplifter who will grab the item and ran away quickly, so you have to be very particular about the price label switching and false returns. Shoplifter might exchange an item’s price label with a less expensive one. So, be aware of it. Other some traits include:

  • Rather than shopping, shoplifter spends more time watching the cashier or sale clerk.
  • Taking several items into the trial room but leaving only with one.

5) Try to put an entrance alert sensor:

Another best way to stop stealing is to put an entrance alert sensor at the door. These sensors will notify you whenever any customer will enter in your store. This will make your employees aware of shoppers.  The sensor will go off again when the shopper exits the store. What else? You can opt for a more expensive option which is security tags which you can attach on to the expensive merchandise in your store. These will only be removed once the customer will pay for the item. If customers will attempt to leave without paying, an alarm will make noise.

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