Do you know: how to find a hidden camera in trial room!

Do you know: how to find a hidden camera in trial room!
Do you know: how to find a hidden camera in trial room!

Whenever I open the newspaper there seems to an article reporting that a hidden spy camera has been found in a public space. And generally, the locations are the bathroom, trail room, hotel room etc.

How to locate a Hidden Spy Camera in a Mirror?

Spy cameras can easily be hidden in a two-way mirror, which is why we cannot easily locate them. But no doubts there are some ways to locate them too. How? Check it out.

1) First and foremost: what is a two-way mirror:

It just worked like a tinted window, where instead of a tint on the outside it has a mirror finish. So, the person on the one side can see out who is standing on the other side of the window without the knowledge of the person standing on the other side.

2) How do I test if it is a two-way mirror?

  • Step: 1: installation:

Just look at the mirror, if the mirror is on a flat wall and you are able to walk around to the other side of the wall then you will get to know that it is not a two-way mirror. In simple words, if the other side of the mirror is an outside wall so it is sure that it is just a mirror.

  • Step: 2: Location:

It can in changing room in a public department store or next to the water fountain in an office corridor or in the office/mall/apartment’s lifts. Yes! It is difficult to comprehend why someone will want to keep an eye on your while drinking water or in trail room? But still, there are cameras on these places.

  • Step: 3: Lighting:

If the light in the room is very dim then the person/camera on the other side will not have enough light to view or capture what is going on. So, it is advisable to turn ON the lights. If the lights are very bright then this might be an indication, that there are hidden cameras in the room. You can also use a torch or even the light of your Smartphone. Hold this to the mirror, and then the mirror will now be visible.

  • Step:4: The signal test:

If in the trial room the signal of the get blocks or there is no signal in the mobile phone then it will straightway indicate that there is a camera in the trail room.  As generally, the hidden camera would block the receptions of your phone. So, you can try calling on your phone. If the call connects then you can be tension free and enjoy your shopping experience.

  • Step: 5: Finger Nail Test

The theory is that unlike a regular mirror where you can touch your own reflection in a two-way mirror there will be a gap. The explanation behind this is the mirror coating creates an additional layer and so there will a gap.

If you have the time, then my advice would be to download a free app and sweep the room. As that is a simple way to detect the camera in a mirror.

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