Check Out: Whether You Should Buy A Drone Or Not?

Check Out: Whether You Should Buy A Drone Or Not?
Check Out: Whether You Should Buy A Drone Or Not?

Before buying any technology we all are generally concerned about its advantage, disadvantages, reviews, is it worth to buy? All these queries come in your mind when you start your search for any product or decide to buy one. The same question arises when you think to buy a drone. Right? Need not to worry today our experts are ready to clear all your doubt whether you should buy it or not. Check it out!

Let’s just start with a dark side: disadvantages

1) Its waste if you are not crazy about photography: If you haven’t tried your hands on camera ever then buying a drone is waste for you. Rather I would suggest you buy a DSLR camera and spend some time to learn its features. The reason why I am saying this is because you will find the basic principles of photography in drone also.

2) You are not interested in editing videos: Flying the drone is easily BUT the main work starts when drone land down to you. Raw video footage is usually not that much interesting. To make any video interesting you need to edit it, add some effects so that it will look attractive to your audience and clients. So if that’s not your cup of tea then the drone is not for you.

3) You think it’s cool to have drone: yeah, somewhat yes! It is an amazing piece of technology. BUT it is useless if not been used to make awesome content. If you want to buy a drone to show off, then after sometime you will put this huge piece of money in your closet.

It’s time for its brighter side: advantages

1) A unique view of photography: It exquisite to see our home nearly every day. BUT how beautiful will it look if we see it from above? Amazing right? That is the only reason because of which drone has too many followers. With its keen eye, you can grab all the things which you can’t see from the naked eye! You can try a unique aerial photography experience with this.

2) Amazing video from a great height: Video footage which might require a helicopter, can now be done using drones. You can take crazy picture and video from various angles. Taking video footage is easy and smooth with this.

3) You can feel the air by combining it with VR headset: Do you want to experience how does it feel to fly like a bird? If yes! Then you can feel that exact feeling by coming it with VR headset. By wearing those headsets you can watch your drone’s flight as if you are actually in the air.

4) You can make money with it: You can freelance it or even create your own business with a drone. So if you will spend a lot of money in order to buy a drone then you can also make a lot of money from it.

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