Check out: 4 best accessories to protect your VR glasses!

Check out: 4 best accessories to protect your VR glasses!
Check out: 4 best accessories to protect your VR glasses!

Virtual reality is used to define the 3 dimensional, a computer-generated environment which can be explored and interact with the person. As you move your head around, you will see the changes, just as if you are in real life. You can sense everything in the scene whether it’s pressing a button or opening a door. How real the experience can be, you won’t understand until and unless you don't have hands-on VR. But we can’t deny the fact that proper care should be taken as well. So here I have come up with simple to handle VR accessories. You must have a look!

1) AOVEISE Rift Headset Controller:


This keeps you protected inside and outside of your virtual world. It is designed in such a way that these skins specialize will protect your controllers from falling damage and also allows you to have clear sensor functionality. This gel shell touch silicon skin feels great in your hand and provides a comfortable grip.

  • Feature:
  • Moisture protection
  • Protects controllers from damage
  • Allows clear sensor functionality.

2) XBERSTAR Travel Hard Carry Bag:


This waterproof device used as a storage case for PS VR accessories hardshell. This is made up of PU+EVA+ Lucia fabric. This device is easy to access with zipper opening. It is designed with hand grip and easy to carry outdoor feature.


  • Features:
  • This Large Case is specially designed to store and protect you're FOR Sony PlayStation VR Virtual Reality Headset
  • Keeps you’re for Sony PlayStation VR safe, protected, and organized
  • Made of premium PU+EVA+ Lucia fabric
  • Water-resistant, shockproof, lightweight and durable


3) AOVEISE 3 IN 1 HDMI USB Cable VR Accessories


This is made up of nickel to prevent rust and let smooth transfer of signal. This will let triple interface at one time like power supply, data transmission, audio and video HD smooth. It won’t let your eyes get hurt as it has a stable signal chip. It consists of a soft body without a sense of restraint. It is durable in nature to avoid fracture while pulling.

  • Feature:
  • It supports 1080 HD quality.
  • This is designed at high flexibility and soft touch.
  • This has a built-in 1610S chip with a stable signal to avoid splash screen
  • Simple connection plugs and play

4) CLAITE PU Leather Face Foam Eye pad:


This VR sponge eye pad made up of polymer memory cotton which absorbs moisture and has a good capacity of breathability. You can easily clean it with alcohol (which is recommended) or with any wet cloth. It usually comes with back surface design and VIVE VR magic sticker.

  • Features:
  • It has good resilience
  • Prevent sweat erosion
  • It helps to prolong the life of VR and keeps it brand new.

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