Check it: Should you use CCTV cameras in your business or not?

Check it: Should you use CCTV cameras in your business or not?
Check it: Should you use CCTV cameras in your business or not?

Small business where the investment is low but risks are high. Small businesses are located at the places which are not business-friendly resulting in an onslaught of theft, crime etc. So to make your business safe and secure, install cameras.

Although we generally install CCTV for safety purposes; this can even help you to have a keen eye on your employees.  This post will provide a brief overview of the top benefits of installing a commercial security system:

1) Prevent break-ins:

First and foremost is to prevent your valuable asset from break-ins. Burglar plans their devious activities generally either at night or on weekends. So, these commercial security systems will halt intruders in their tracks. And also this will alert you or notify you if something will go wrong.

Not all the intruders use dark to their advantage but there are some who are expert in broad daylight stealing.  So, these CCTV cameras will prove the best to prevent companies even in daylight stealing and to prevent unauthorized people from accessing certain areas of the building.

2) Improve business strategy:

When employees know that they are under surveillance, then they will be more diligent in their work.  And all the activities will be tracked over the phone so based on that you can take actions.

This also gives a piece of mind to the manager and they will also able to do effective work.

3) Employee theft:

Not only intruders but employees can also be the reason for stealing. Yes! Hard to believe but this can happen.  According to the research, 75% of employees steal.  But when they would know that they are under camera they would think twice before taking such risks.

4) Best evidence:

It is difficult to escape from the keen eyes of the CCTV camera. It doesn’t matter how expert you are in stealing, but you can’t escape being caught on camera. Then these tapes can prove to be the solid evidence and help in solving crimes by giving insight into criminal activities.

 5) Curb sexual harassment:

This is being a real threat in the workplace. Although we have laws to prevent it but CCTV cameras work as “eye in the sky” which gives female employees the confidence to work properly and sense of security and safety.

6) Private and sensitive area surveillance:

Every business has areas which store special or sensitive information, which you don’t want anyone to access like for banks, it’s their locker rooms, for chef’s their recipe locker,  for other small business their cash counters etc. so, these installations of CCTV cameras will protect you secretly.

7) Reduce business insurance:

Many insurance companies will offer discount to business that use surveillance cameras. This will increase your chances of recouping potential losses in the event of theft, vandalism and other damages. In turns it reduces the cost your insurance company may incur which makes you less of liability to them.

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