Can Fake Security Signs Deter Your Home From Burglars?

Can Fake Security Signs Deter Your Home From Burglars?
Can Fake Security Signs Deter Your Home From Burglars?

Nowadays, burglars are very smart; they generally don’t fall for your traps! Or they do? What do you think? Does putting fake security signs or poster will make any difference? Well, even I don’t know the answer. Come we together will figure it out!

Let’s put some light on the brighter side of this:

1) Cost effective: no doubt they are cheap. In some dollars you can buy them either online or from any shop.

2) Will it work: some thieves will spook easily after seeing these stickers and hence you can fool them easily. BUT sometimes they are smart enough to detect that those stickers are fake. Hence they don’t fall for them. So things can go either way.

3) Less time consuming: all you need are a few minutes to paste those stickers on their respective places. So this strategy will consume less time.

Let’s put some focus on the dull side of this:

1) Unconvincing signs: make sure that signs which you put should somewhat look branded. As sometimes those may look fake and sounds artificial. And intruders are very smart to detect those artificial systems and will find their way to you.

2) Legal trouble: there is a possibility that you could get into serious legal trouble as in legal ramifications for unauthorized use of copyrighted material. So make sure that you will not be infringing on a company’s name before you use it on your home.

3) You can’t rely on security sign: as some of the signs are not visible in the dark and hence burglar does not identify those signs at your yard. So be careful while choosing the sign and make sure they will visible in the night.

4) Smart outsmarted: nowadays thieves are so smart that they Google the company’s names written on the stickers if that looks bogus to them. So be aware, if you want to fool them then you need to be smarter.

Alternative to these fake security systems:

1) Get a dog: dog known to be the human’s best friend and he will always protect you from all the dangers. With him, you don’t need to think about fake, original or copyright. He will keep your home safe and secure. The major advantage of him is he can sense every unwanted action.

2) Put motion sensing lights: nothing can escape from the keen eye of motion sensing lights. These lights will immediately sense unwanted motion and notified you. So this can also be a solution to deter your house from intruders.

3) Install door and windows alarms: another best method to safe your home is to put alarm on doors and windows. This will also notified you if some unwanted person will tries to open a door or window.  Even in the night, it wakes you up and you can call the cop.

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