Bag with brains: Find the innovative features of smart backpack for tr

Bag with brains: Find the innovative features of smart backpack for travelling!
Bag with brains: Find the innovative features of smart backpack for travelling!

Smartworld, Smartphone, smartcams, and now SMART BAG! Sounds interesting! Yes, now even the bags are in the category to make you smarter. SMART BAG is the Best and advanced travel tech to come along since the mobile phone.

Smart luggage is hard-shell and contains any combination of these features. This also allows you to charge your mobile devices, control TSA-approved locks from your Smartphone, weight the bag just by picking it up and track it both by proximity and by GPS location.

And also these prevent unusual theft and track your luggage during long journeys. It consists of many features like GPS tracking, Device charging, Electronic locks, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, Remote, app-enabled controls and many more. Let’s just check some more uses of smart bags:

1) Wireless charger and power bank inside the bag:

Don’t be worried about dead batteries. Now, you can charge your phone wirelessly on the go, along with the charging of your tablet and laptop with built-in power bank, sometimes. And also even the air pods using the special compartment in the bag.

2) Reminder about missing items:

Don’t worry to see your checklist even once; never leave your belongings behind. Bags are so innovative that they come up with stickers, which are linked with the app of the bag. Hence you can paste the stickers on all the important items and if by chance you forget to put anyone object in the bag then the app will notify you immediately.

3) Inside light:

See what’s inside your bag in the darkness. No need to dig blindly in the bag and try hard to find something. The bag is that it comes up with built-in LED lights in the main compartment gives you an energy-efficient solution for the problem of that black abyss in the bag. The light will automatically turn on when opening your bag in dark.

4) Open alert & remote anti-theft alarm:

Every time someone tries to open your bag or steal it, its application will immediately notify you. It will automatically activate a high-pitched alarm when the distance between you and your bag is above the certain limit set by you. All you have to do is activate the security mode in the application and protect your bag from the thieves.

5) Real-time GPS tracking:

The built-in GPS tracker will allow you to know the exact location of your bag, always. So, you can track your bag whenever it is at the regardless distance from you. Hence, it is free of cost in most of the bags.

6) Back view camera:

What is going on your behind, see it through the lens of the back camera. You can even see the live mode on your Smartphone screen through the camera on the back. Some of the bags do have it and some don’t.

  • Challenge behind using high-tech luggage:

This gives you enough confidence that no matter what happens to you, you will always be protected. Travel across the country or even around the world with the assurance that you can always find and protect your belongings, there is only one problem: airlines won’t be happy about your new smart suitcase as you are.

They are made up of lithium-ion batteries, which are known to be fire hazards, especially on an airplane. As a result, IATA recommends that lithium-ion batteries not to be stored in the cargo hold an airplane.

And to reduce risks, the IATA recommended that airlines stop allowing the use of smart luggage with non-removable lithium-ion batteries by January 15, 2018. But some airlines like American Airlines, American eagle, Alaska Airlines and Delta airlines have already banned the use of the smart bag.

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