5 smart security Gadgets which make your life easy and safer!

5 smart security Gadgets which make your life easy and safer!
5 smart security Gadgets which make your life easy and safer!

According to the facts, security is the TOP REASON TO BUY SMART HOME technologies. For people who live alone or who remained outside from home due to work, most of the time, these security home products are essential for those and for their everyday tasks. These products make the task more convenient and easy. These smart gadgets will help you to perform almost every single inside home task like from feeding your pet to turn off your home appliances; everything can be performed from your connected device, ex: a mobile phone.


Video doorbell: KKMOON Wi-Fi Digital Smart Peephole doorbell

    Suppose if someone is there at your door around 3:00 am at night and you are alone at home then what will you do? Will you open the door without thinking or won’t open the door, what if the person on the other side of the door is your known or a criminal. Well in these cases, video doorbell plays an important role! With their help, you can see, hear, talk and record all the actions of the person who’s at the door.


    • It can detect PIR motion
    • It supports app remote monitoring from mobile phone
    • You can use max 32GB TF card for storage
    • Viewing the wide angle of this doorbell is around 160 degree
    • Indoor viewer: 13*8*2cm
    • Outdoor peephole: 6.5*6.5*1.7cm


    YYS SPY Wi-Fi Mini Camera remote control Clock

      We always prefer to buy a device which can perform multitasks. Right? Then how about alarm with the camera! No one can ever imagine that an alarm can record your every action. This works as a spy camera and protects you from every accident.


      • It has a IR night vision at 120 degree with a 14500 rechargeable lithium ion AA battery
      • This will provide you with the resolution of 720P
      • Once it will be charged, it can work for one to two hour with Wi-Fi on
      • You can use max 64GB TF card for storage in it


      Pen recorder: YYS SPY Professional 8GB Digital Voice Recorder

        Suppose if you are in conference with an absent mind (which you should not do generally but still) then a pen with a voice recorder can prove to be a lifesaver. Yes, in that you can record all the instructions or whatever is being discussed in the meeting room. You can connect it with both the computer and phone. Even you can delete the unnecessary files from it.


        • You can charge this lightweight item just in 40 minutes and battery will last till for 6 hours
        • It should be operated at 10-45 degree Celsius temperature
        • It can hold a memory card of 8 GB for storage
        • You can record while writing something


        Hoopet 5.5L smart pet feeder:

          It is not possible to be at home, every time. Then how to protect our home, how can we check that nothing will go wrong? For that we have spy camera. But what about pets, they are so loyal to us, they are just like a family member, then how can we take care of their every requirement like security or feeding them at time. For security we generally do have cameras but for feeding? Have you ever think about pet feeder? A device which can feed your pet in your absence! Sound different? Yes, smart pet feeder will feed your pet in your absence; all you have to do is set a timer at which you want to feed your pet


          • It has a large LCD panel display which has current time, meal programmed, meal size and meal served.
          • It has total capacity is of 5.5L with 1 to 12 cups meal size
          • This also has a storage compartment to keep the food dry and fresh
          • This can handle dry food up to the range of 15m/m diameter.


          Keyless lock: Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Smart Lock

            We never ever have any thought of opening or closing the door lock without key. But now it is possible with smart locks. These locks will be connected with you phone and whenever your phone is near to this it will open the lock, automatically. Now, there is no need to take care of bunch of keys any more.


            • It Works with: Alexa, iOS and Android devices
            • If in your absence someone will try to open the lock then phone which is being connected to the device will get the notification immediately.
            • You can check the lock status through the app installed in phone.

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