4 Best Spycam Alarm Clock For Your Security

4 Best Spycam Alarm Clock For Your Security
4 Best Spycam Alarm Clock For Your Security

Take this fact into consideration that hidden cameras are difficult to spot. That is why mostly these are either very tiny or placed inside a common household device. One of the most common gadgets which are attracting the people IS SPY CAMERA IN ALARM. There are so many reasons why this idea seems to be the perfect option. Some of the reason I have mentioned below, check them to know more!

1) YYS SPY Wi-Fi Camera Table Clock


This elegant black color device will not ruin the harmony of your home.  This spy camera is stylishly placed in the alarm that no one will ever able to notice that there is a spy camera inside it, including burglars. This camera is easy to set up, all you need is your Smartphone and an application, specially designed for the spy cam.

  • Feature:
  • It has a built-in microphone, speaker and two-way communication
  • Adjustable colorful night light vision
  • It will alert you as soon as it will detect the motion
  • It has night vision with 6 infrared lights which can be up to 32ft.

2) Gold spy mini camera table clock:


This looks like an ordinary alarm clock, it actually works like an alarm only but with a camera. With their keen feature, you can keep an eye on the nanny, how they are treating your child and also on other home workers. It has an additional advantage of night vision with ten super night vision lights.

  • Feature:
  • Its battery is of 2400MA
  • It has the capability of continuous recording for 24 hours and above
  • It records all the videos at a viewing angle of 90 degree
  • You can record all your videos in TF memory card with an extreme limit of 32GB
  • Full battery can be charged in 4 hours

3) YYS SPY Wi-Fi Mini Camera Remote Control Clock


It is best known for night vision clock camera with 7 pcs IR LED. This will give you the perfect picture quality both day and night. But the list of features doesn’t end here; it has many advantages which you will admire once you will buy it. The best feature of this camera is it stores video for over 6 days.

  • Feature:
  • It works at HD 720P
  • It detects the motion and stores all the videos in 32GB SD card
  • Multiple users can watch real-time videos on multiple devices
  • It captures the video at 120-degree view video angle

4) YYS SPY Wi-Fi Mini Camera Alarm Clock


You will surely fall for its design as nobody will ever notice the spy hidden camera inside this device.  And this black color device will adjust perfectly in your home. Apart from looking stylish, this clock is best on different features. There could be a risk that burglars might like it and decide to take it with them also, which can be a great advantage for you.

  • Features:
  • Capture the visual at the viewing angle of 140 degree
  • TF card is used in this device for memory storage
  • This has the capacity to record continuously for 4 hours
  • Mobile system on which this can be easily operated is android/IOS
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